#ENT101: End term exam

I decided to have an open book and open laptop exam for the end term examination of my course. Even I wasn’t too sure how it was going to work out. All the more because we had our own share of concerns owing to wifi internet connectivity concerns that was prevalent at XIME campus. In any case, I eventually decided to back myself and go ahead with the plan. At the end of it all, I’m just really glad that I did.

While the open book & open laptop exam was something that interested me deeply and wished to explore, the response that came from the students after the examination made the effort all the more worthwhile. To say the least, it was quite overwhelming. The experiment worked out way way better than I could have ever asked for. While I wanted them all to have fun answering the paper, even I didn’t truly expect students to come out saying that they enjoyed taking an examination so much. Now we never expected any student to ever enjoy an examination right. Well, hold that thought. You may want to go through all the responses that came from the students and decide for yourself

This post triggerd it all

Context: Resource myopia was one of the questions in the paper

Somewhere along the conversation, one of the students suggested that one of them could perhaps write about the exam experience and the teaching style

Based on which I also made a request to the students if would be good if each of them could write a blog post each to which I immediately had few people responding positively also

And by evening that day, I find the first blog post published by Athira

Exams Redefined!*Fresh out of an exam hall and I have never felt this composed. You always have that doubt whether that last sum would…*medium.com

Which was soon followed by posts of Lakshmi, Pooja & Sinduja

Unfolding the Pages of Ability

The way educators communicate can influence how students think about themselves, their potential and their abilities…


Exams can teach you lot more.

I was shocked as soon as I got to know that my college for the first time is letting students use laptop during the end…


And looking forward to reading the views of all the other who decide to go ahead and write one.

I also take this occasion to sincerely thank all the students who were generous with their comments. Appreciate it. Your words meant a lot to me!

For those of you who are curious and interested, end term paper shared below. Exam duration: 2 hours

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