Just in time information

In an information scarce economy, approach to information was just in case. In an information abundant economy, it should be just in time.

Information was earlier scarce or unavailable and their storage & retrieval expensive. In such a society and economy, our approach was to navigate through a combination of memorisation and organising. I remember the time when our refrigerator doors used to be adorned with railway time charts meticulously collected from newspaper clippings. We don’t anymore. Real time train information is now available on a few taps.

We have moved into an information abundant society & economy. Information is available, better, free and abundant. Our refrigerator doors are now devoid of information pamphlets and our work desks are devoid of reference books or diaries. In an information society & economy, the approach required to navigate is the ability to find the information (search) and the ability to decide which information to make use of (critical thinking).

Stop organising into bookmarks and paper clippings or downloaded copies of files. Learn how to search and find information at the time of need. Just like how you would with your railway timings.

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