Quick Journal: Rajeev Circle Fellowship

We reached here on a Friday. We went around University avenue that day. Drove around in the car and saw the houses of Steve, Larry and Mark. Saturday, we just hanged around a bit and was free by the evening. So I decided to skip the group and go to Tom uncles house. Got my mobile and all fixed. I was back by Sunday afternoon. There was supposed to be some lunch which didn’t quite happen. Sunday evening was the dinner meeting with Ram at Asha’s Artherton house. I was stranded at Menlo Park caltrain station for sometime.

The actual tour started on Monday. Asha went to get her Tesla on Monday. I skipped and went to SF with Justin. Saw this place which was the home of Lucas film and all. Came back and we had a meeting at Stanfard design institute. Spend some time hanging around in Stanford café and store before that. I briefly checked out the library also. Human computer interaction final year project presentation was also going on there.

Tuesday: We had a breakfast meeting at Asha’s place. We reached there and there was a meeting going on with Tim Oreilly & Aneesh Chopra and all. Post that, both of them spent some time with us. Facebook meeting also happened the same day. Basically it was a good lunch. Sanjay and me stayed back for some time to talk to the BD guy. Evening Vivek Paul came and spoke to us for sometime over coffee

Wed: It was google visit day today. Had a good tour and some food. Post the Google visit, we also had Coursera visit. That was really nice; atleast for me.

Thu: First up in the morning, we had the meeting at Pivotal Labs in SF. GetAround happened after piotal labs followed by TechShop. And then the Jack Dorsey meeting happened at Square office. That was in a way the high point for me of the tour. I skipped the StartX meeting after this. Me and Sanjay had some good beer at a place somewhere in University avenue

Fri: The VC tours started happening after that. David Hornick of August capital happened on Friday at Sandhill road.

Sat: Went to SF for partying

Mon: Ram Shriram and Marc Andreson. Pro Club after that

Tue: YC day. Did anything happen after YC? Oh yes, David McLure came to visit us at 543 center drive

Wed: Napa valley. This day was freaking awesome! J

Thu: Had three meetings yesterday. Ron Conway was the highlight. After that Jawbone and Airbnb happened. Saw two guys just walking on the streets. And then received an UP band as a compliment from Jawbone

Fri: Vela at home. Think we have 2 meetings today. Poshmark in the morning & NEA in the afternoon

Sat: Mallu food and 17 mile drive

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