Reflecting on the time that I got some writing done

I have been wanting to write for a long time. There are several reasons why I want to write — which perhaps can be the matter of another post in itself, but the point here being that I had decided to write. And I haven’t. And that got me thinking as to what is it that can be done to actually get me to write.

On that note, reflecting on the only instance when I did manage to get some writing done. This was back in early 2014. I committed to write 1000 words before 9am and decided to try out the approach for a month. In an effort to hold me accountable, I had informed around 20 to 30 people in my circle about this decision of mine and that I would be sending them what I had written every day by 9am. In case they did not receive an email from me, they were to check in.

This approach actually worked. Not everyday was a breeze. Not everyday did I manage to get done before 9am. I missed a day or two in between. Somedays have been a fight. Every once in a while, a day of enjoyable writing would happen. But almost on all days I wrote. It worked. It was effective.

Maybe what is required is to commit to a routine and keep publishing.

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