The refreshing wave of web series content

We have been witnessing an increase in the amount of web series content from India in recent times. Now that production and distribution is getting truly democratised, we can expect a lot more such content. I generally enjoy watching such web series productions. From among the ones I watched, few stood out for me in terms of the subjects that they took up and its treatment. The ones that made it to this list of mine mentioned below.

  • Bang Baaja Baarat
  • Little things by Dice Media
  • Permanent roommates
  • Pushpavalli
  • 4 more shots please
  • Ladies room
  • Sex chat with Pappu & Papa
  • And our very own Mallu one, Thera para by Karikku

What I liked best was that all of these, some entirely and the others mostly, have kept its treatment of subjects to a matter of fact manner. Its the DevD approach and not the Devdas one.

There were also a few other ones that started out well but lost their way and tapered off. Girl in the city and Chacha vidhayak hai hamare come to mind. Both had an interesting story angle and started out also well, but then degenerated into insipid drama. The refreshing approach that made these web series stand out in the first place went missing.

While there are several independent video content that would have qualified the filter of refreshing subject and treatment, limiting this post to web series.

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